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Bradnams windows and doors

Bradnam’s Windows and Doors Smart Solutions

Bradnam’s Windows and Doors have developed a range of high performance, energy efficient building products with the environment in mind – a complete range that satisfies the need for energy, acoustics, security and bushfire requirements within their Smart Solutions range.

The benefits of the Smart Solutions range by Bradnam’s Windows and Doors assist with keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter helping the homeowner to save on energy bills. The Smart Solutions range incorporates not only enhanced UV protection but also minimises outside noise coupled with added fire security benefits.

Bradnam’s offer great design flexibility within the Smart Solutions range. Available in different sizes and lifestyle configurations – modern and aesthetic – tying in perfectly with Bradnam’s complete range of window and door products for a consistent finish throughout the home. 

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Ordinary windows and doors are poor heat insulators, allowing a great amount of heat loss and gain compared to other building materials. Up to 49% of heat can be lost in winter and up to 78% heat gained in summer – that’s a huge difference. Bradnam’s energy efficient windows and doors are designed to deliver higher levels of resistance to heat transfer – providing extra insulation through high performance frames, seals and glass.

Bradnam’s Smart Solutions range for energy efficiency includes double glazed glass, signature thermal break technology, Solar Comfort™ systems and Solar Block™ tint. 

Sound Smart Technology

Sound travels through ordinary windows and doors. If you have trouble with noise pollution, live near a busy road and would like to block out some of the traffic sound, Bradnam’s Sound Smart™ technology has been developed by working closely with acoustic engineers. The frame design, superior acoustic seals and high performance glass helps to reduce noise transmission.

Safety Smart Solutions

Meeting demands for added protection for houses, townhouses and apartments is provided with Bradnam’s Safety Smart Solutions – an increased level of safety without compromise on design and aesthetics. The safety interlayer within the high performance glazing not only provides added protection from forced entry but also extra protection from harmful UV light that causes fading of curtains, carpets and furnishings. 


Increased risks of the frequency of bushfires has seen building standards revised to require bushfire rated building materials in bushfire-prone areas. Bradnam’s have developed FlameShield™, a range of bushfire rated window and door products that are fully compliant with all Australian Bushfire Attack Level Standards.

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