Dealing with Mould

Thankfully it’s only rained twice this year, once for 43 days and another time for 61 days.

This wet weather has been causing havoc with one of the biggest issues being mould, so how can you prevent it or get rid of it? Here are some useful tips in dealing with mould to help keep those little spores at bay.

Airflow is going to be huge in the fight against mould – stale air provides the perfect habitat for mould spores to cultivate without disruption. So, on sunny days open all doors and windows, make sure all air vents are clean, reduce any clutter in your home, run bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans to keep that air moving.

Now might be the best time to do that ‘Spring’ clean! Regularly getting rid of dust that feeds mould and disinfecting those usually forgotten about surfaces will certainly help in the fight against those pesky spores. Make sure you are properly drying surfaces after disinfecting.

Always wear a mask and protect your eyes when cleaning mould. For a natural approach mix ¼ teaspoon clove oil to 1 litre water (can be toxic to humans and pets so don’t ingest). Lightly mist over mouldy surface with a spray bottle and leave for 24 hours. After a day, wipe the surface over with a white vinegar and water mixture (3 parts vinegar to 2 parts water). Always use a different cloth with each process and then throw them away or the mould spores will just spread from one surface to another.

Bleach is no longer recommended as it simply discolours the mould for a while making it invisible, but it will return – bleach also explodes the mould cells spreading them further. White vinegar, clove oil or tea tree oil are all great for killing mould. Taking care of condensation is another huge help in prevention. Since mould thrives in wet conditions keeping windows, metal pipes and concrete walls dry wherever possible is essential.

Try controlling the humidity levels inside your home. Easier said than done in the ‘Sunshine’ state, right? A few tips to help reduce indoor humidity – run those air conditioners at 21 degrees where possible with the fan set to auto to prevent it running continuously and not allowing time for the water collected on the coil to drain off. Use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity levels to below 50%. Don’t keep wet items such as washing, wet towels, wet shoes and umbrellas inside your home.

Thousands of households are battling the dangerous growth and discovering it in hard to spot areas. Check behind photo frames, behind bed heads, at the back of wooden drawers, those leather shoes at the back of the wardrobe, down the sides of any leather furniture and on any hand-woven baskets or storage canisters.

Throw out anything completely penetrated by mould as it can be almost impossible to entirely rid an item of its spores – it will almost always return and increase the likelihood of spreading to new places.

There’s definitely nothing more satisfying then seeing your beautiful home sparkling clean again!

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