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Knock Down and Rebuild with Nu Trend

Nu Trend Quality Homes is excited to introduce our Knock Down Rebuild Service.

Across South East Queensland Nu Trend Quality Homes has gained a reputation for not only the quality of their new home builds but also their professional Nu Trend Team. Our building supervisors, colour and design consultants are with our clients every step of the way, turning your building experience into one that is pleasurable from start to finish.

We have decided to offer that great building experience to include those potential customers that don’t want to build in a new location (as they really love the area they live in) and would like to knock down their existing house and rebuild a home to suit their changed lifestyle or growing family needs.

A common dilemma facing families today is what to do when they outgrow their existing home.

The children have grown up in the neighbourhood, you all have great friends, you get on really well with your neighbours, everything you need daily is close at hand – in fact all of the reasons you first selected the suburb and property location haven’t changed.

One option is renovating your existing house but with ever increasing renovation costs more people are choosing to rebuild from scratch – designing a new home that perfectly suits their needs.

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Benefits of Knocking Down and Rebuilding

  • You can have the best of both worlds – a totally new house on your existing site, designed from scratch, in a location that perfectly suits your family
  • No need to change your address, knock down and rebuild a new home that exactly matches your lifestyle requirements
  • Rebuilding is more cost effective than purchasing again in the same area – and also saves on stamp duty
  • A rebuild will allow you to make your home sustainable and energy efficient
  • You can incorporate that pool or outside entertainment area you’ve always imagined

Before And After

Before Knock Down Rebuild
Knock Down Rebuild

Contact Nu Trend Quality Homes to discuss all of the possibilities. We have a team of knowledgeable new home consultants waiting to help you get started on your knock down and rebuild project. You CAN have the house you’ve always dreamt of!

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