Lighting Trends for 2023

We thought we’d shed some light on the hottest ways to illuminate your home in 2023 by taking a look at the latest in lighting trends!

This year has already seen some unique and out of the box ideas on lighting that we are excited to share with you.

Let’s dive right in and start with bathroom lighting. When you think bathroom lighting you probably think basic, harsh white light – boring right?

Well not anymore! We’ve seen an increase in the number of our new home build clients choosing to step out of the norms when it comes to bathroom lighting. Opting instead for elegant, warm lighting solutions that give their bathrooms less of a sterile feeling and more of a relaxing day spa in their own home.

Backlit mirror lighting has also become popular because of this, to ensure there is still ample brighter lighting when you do need it.

Lighting doesn’t just have to be functional; we are seeing an increase in sculptural statement lighting designs that add an artistic playful element to the home. We’ve seen these used a lot in dining rooms, giving an eye-catching suspended centre piece effect that we just love.

Of course, it’s not just dining rooms – these kinds of abstract and unusual lighting fixtures have also become popular in the kitchen as unique lighting solutions to kitchen islands and breakfast bars. We are so excited by these new and inventive ways people are choosing to add their own flair to their new home.

Pendant lighting – while these are certainly not a new trend, they are still extremely popular with clients choosing to use them in increasingly creative ways. There are endless possibilities on how this style of lighting can be used to add a unique touch to your home and serve as functional while you do it.

Some of our favourite examples of this are new home builders opting to use pendant lighting in the corners of living rooms where once floor or tabletop lamps may have been used. Speaking of tabletop lamps, this concept of pendant lighting has also made its way into the bedroom where we are seeing it used as a creative lighting solution to replace standard bedside lamps.

These kinds of style setting ideas really are paving the way for more imaginative possibilities for our new home builders and we are here for it!

Also making a bold statement in lighting designs is the use of strip lighting. This unusual but very effective and versatile style of lighting has seen some innovative ways in which we can use lighting, not just for practicality, but also to enhance elements of structural design within our home that we want to showcase.

Some key examples of this have been the use of strip lighting on stairs, under kitchen countertop edges or on kitchen bulkheads, even around the ceiling perimeters of key entertaining areas. Really flipping the script when it comes to lighting, we’ve also seen this style used to create distinctive floor lighting through hallways and walkways.

Other lighting trends worth noting are the increase in the use of smart lighting. Being able to completely change the feel of any room at the press of a button or even voice controlled with some systems. Smart lighting solutions offer a range of features that can include turning lights on or off, brightness or warmth control, to even changing the colour of the light itself. 

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